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School to Work Project
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Welcome to the School to Work Project!

Florida State Rural Development Council is implementing a virtual volunteering "School to Work Transition" effort. The effort will utilize individuals, as virtual mentors, to help challenged rural high school students' transition from school to adult life. The effort will have a targeted focus on employment and/or post-secondary education.

Virtual mentoring, for purposes of this project, is defined as tasks completed by mentors, via the Internet at a home or work computer. 

Mentors will perform as virtual mentors to challenged high school students from their home or work setting. Virtual mentoring, for purposes of this project, is defined as:
1.) a structured, one-to-one relationship that focuses on the needs of the mentored student;
2.) fosters caring and supportive relationships;
3.) encourages students to develop to their fullest potential; and
4.) helps a student to develop his or her own vision for the future.

Spill over benefits from using virtual volunteers/mentors will include:
A.) access to talented volunteers which will allow the project to diversify the volunteer/mentor talent pool and
B.) utilizing a project approach which is environmentally friendly-no car exhausts, less paper waste etc. and doesn't take up limited office space.

This effort promotes successful entry into the workforce through education and job experience, including school-to-work intiatives, that enlist business and community support to ensure that students have the educational and occupational skills required to succeed in the workforce and also addresses adults entering the workforce for the first time and youth programs related to welfare.

Florida State Rural Development Council
Project Coordinator: Dana Richardson 
155 Research Road
Quincy, Florida 32351

Pictured below are School To Work Project (STWP) participants receiving project overview and orientation information from project coordinator, Dana Richardson (pictured far right)


Pictured below is a School To Work Project mentor participating in project activities with his mentee via the Internet.


Project Goal

To create access and maximize individual economic independence, through educational/job development activities, for challenged high school students, through the vehicle of computer technology and utilization of individuals as virtual mentors.