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School to Work Project
Career Center Activities

Week 3 Activity: Day in the Life - Career/Educational Area Center Introduction and Interest Exchange

Mentee Activity

In this activity, mentees will email their mentors and explain why they are interested in their mentors career/educations.

Mentees will compose and send email messages to their mentors that describe their personal interest in their mentors career/educations. Mentees can share any initial thoughts they have for the content, layout and structure of the "Day in the Life" page.

Notes for Mentors:

Your mentee will send you an email that describes why he or she is interested in your career/education. (Recall, however, that we are not always able to match every mentee with a mentor who works in a career/education that the mentee expressed an interest in. In those cases, your mentee might describe what, if anything, about your career/education that he or she finds interesting.) When responding, try to explain: When did you become interested in your career/education? Where and how did you learn about the career/education? What in particular about your job do you find interesting? This email exchange should be fairly informal. In the next activity, your mentee will ask specific questions about your job and your career/education path as part of a more extensive email interview.

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