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School to Work Project
Week 4 Activities

Day in the Life - Interview

Mentees Activitiy

In this activity, mentees read their mentors responses to their email messages and formulate questions about their mentors jobs. These questions will be emailed to the mentors at the end of the session.

Here are some key words that can help you come up with questions to ask your mentor:

-critical skills required by your job

-workplace expectations

-work culture

-professional growth


-salary range

-most challenging aspects of your job

-what are the parts of the job that you dont like


Notes for Mentors:

This interview will give your mentee information about your job and he or she will need to write the "Day in the Life" story. The mentees will send a list of questions they developed about your career/education and what a typical day is like. While it is important to respond to their specific questions, if will also be important for you to elaborate and direct the conversation to certain, key aspects of your job. You need to make sure that the mentees learn about the following areas:

  • critical skills
  • training
  • salary range
  • most challenging aspects of your career/education
  • geography (in what parts of the country are these jobs available?)



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